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Treating ALL Skin With Confidence  

Fearless Beauties is a movement in the esthetic industry to recognize that people of color have been forgotten or brought in as an afterthought in esthetic education. Fearless Beauties intend to change the mindset of the culture and embrace our multi-ethnic clientele by providing education on how to treat black skin of African descent, Asian American skin, Latinx skin, transgender skin, South Asian skin and blended skin of multiple ethnicities. Treating Clients with: Down Syndrome , Clients in Wheelchairs, Clients with Cancer and Clients with Body Dysmorphia

Two Models



COVID-19 has influenced our travel and ability to offer education in person so we've developed an online workshop that includes the newest edition of the Fearless Beauties book.

We are planning visits to esthetic schools in 2025.

Beauty in Pigmentation
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