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Fearless Beauties are dedicated to empowering and uniting all marginalized voices in the beauty industry, our founder recognize the need to foster a more inclusive mindset in esthetic education.


Our mission is to transform cultural norms by offering comprehensive training on confidently and safely treating diverse skin types. We embrace the beauty of every skin tone and are committed to revolutionizing esthetic education to be more inclusive, ensuring thorough training in caring for skin of all colors.

Our goal is to connect with industry leaders, educators, and influencers all over the country to heighten awareness on skin care treatment guidelines, products, and treatments that effectively and safely treat multi-ethnic skin. We want to bring resources and strategies for success when we tour your city. 

Our team is a passionate, diverse group who have joined forces for good, to make a difference in our world. We bring inclusivity, we inspire confidence, and we increase awareness.

Natural Beauty



To change the esthetic education in our Industry by developing curriculums that are inclusive of all ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. 

Elevate Entrepreneurs

To highlight entrepreneurs of color on social media and at events, to increase their visibility, and share their insight into success in the aesthetic industry.  


To become an influencer so that our online presence moves the needle toward Equality. 

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