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Toshiana Baker 


Client Operations, Spa Business Growth

Strategist - Certified Reiki Master


Nichelle Mosley
Fearless Beauties
Managing Director Fearless Beauties Podcast CO-Host
Award-Winning Licensed Clinical Esthetician

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Nichelle is an educator, course creator, business coach, international award winning aesthetician specializing in advanced corneo-clinical wellness. 


Nichelle has previously worked with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and many other types of skin care clinicians. She has written articles for O! Magazine, Skin, Inc, and Lipgloss + Aftershave. Nichelle is also a regular contributor to Dermascope Magazine, and she was so honored to be voted “Favorite Contributing Writer”. 

Nichelle has had the pleasure of training 50,000+ skin care professionals, as well as have designed and delivered education for top skin care brands.

While developing Queen City Beauty Group, where she aims to treat the whole client (not just their skin) with care, respect, and individual dignity – Nichelle has now spearheaded CorneoClinical YOUNIVERSITY a team of science-forward, well-researched, experienced individuals, who, together have had an amazing journey to success. 

Her 10+ years of experience in the global sphere of professional skin care has taught her that CONFIDENCE & SUCCESS are directly proportionate with being reliably informed and being seen by your ideal client and customer as a trusted expert. 

When she created The Skin Barrier Academy, she embodied the belief that the more impartial, reliable knowledge each skin wellness practitioner has access to, the more ethical, credible (and profitable!) our industry will be as a whole. 

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Elizabeth Rabena

Licensed Esthetician, Founder of Moxie Skincare,
and a Award-Winning Clinic

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Prior to starting Moxie Skincare, I provided esthetic services at a luxury spa and salon in the heart of San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. Among the many duties I performed at the spa (tanning, hair removal, makeup), it was skincare that I developed a genuine passion for. The diverse clientele I serviced exposed me to varied conditions of skin, all with their own unique challenges. During my 5 year tenure, I continued my skincare education, honing my skills to help my clients meet these challenges. This is what I found most rewarding: the ability to promote positive change in my client’s skin.        -Elizabeth Rabena

Monique Ossa

Licensed Master Esthetician, and 
Founder of Ossa Skinworks LLC., Licensed Educator

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Monique founded Ossa Skinworks because she wanted to provide people with deeply nourishing skin care using evidence-based technology and methods that produce tangible results.

Monique’s business is founded on an education-based approach that empowers people to make the best decisions they can for healthy, beautiful skin.

Monique has extensive experience, both as a licensed master esthetician and a licensed master esthetics instructor. Her outlook, as both a skin care practitioner and as a person, is a blend of science and nature. She pursued an education in the health sciences field and worked in infectious disease, a solid foundation from which to analyze the many skin care products and services on the market.  

Monique was raised by her mother (along with 4 siblings). Her mother is from Colombia and she describes her upbringing as Hispanic Hippie. Being a first generation Latinx spa owner and educator, Monique is passionate about creating a space that is welcoming and inclusive.

As an instructor, Monique uses a needs-based approach that takes each student’s learning style into consideration. Her students describe her as generous, clear, authentic, full of curiosity, and a master of the craft. 

When she’s not at the spa, Monique enjoys gardening, traveling with her husband, Justin, and cooking, dancing, playing, and reading with her daughter, Asha.

Thank you to our educational ambassadors. 

They are now carrying the Fearless Beauties books in their curriculum!

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skindipity 2.png
The Euro Institute of Skin Care is the only holistic center for Esthetics training in the Pacific Northwest.
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The AVEDA institute in Minneapolis emphasizes personal well-being as well as environmental responsibility. Using Aveda pure flower and plant essences and plant-based products, we affirm the relationship between beauty, environment, and well-being.
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Skindipity Advanced Aesthetics (SAA) takes a passionate approach to preparing you for your future in Laser Aesthetics. SAA is accredited by the state of Arizona to train and certify Physicians, Nurses, Aestheticians, and Laser Technicians.
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We are grateful to our ambassadors.

They believe in our mission to elevate our industry.

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Glow by Bea is natural, cruelty free, caffeine-based skincare to help replenish, boost collagen, and brighten all skin types.


Ralph Cole

Licensed Master Esthetician

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Ralph is a newly graduated Master Esthetician and strives to build his brand around a collective vision of success, for not only him, but other men and women. He strives to show other men that taking care of their skin is an essential aspect to add to their everyday regiment.​ He also has a merchandise line!


Toshiana Baker

Licensed Esthetician, Educator, Best-Selling Author, Writer, Speaker, and Founder of Network of Multicultural Spa and Wellness Professionals

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Toshiana Baker, has served the spa, beauty, & wellness industries internationally as an esthetician &educator for more than 15 years. She has held a variety of industry leadership roles, including as Director of Esthetics for a 30-location corporate spa organization, a Regional Account and Education Executive for a leading cosmetic & brow artistry brand, as well as Global Director of Education for a renowned skincare, cosmetics & fragrance brand.

Applying her rich expertise as a Spa and Wellness Expert, Toshiana founded SpaWorx in 2016, a spa consulting & training development agency to support & position clients for increase in their financial performance. SpaWorx has happily served a range of clients - from solo spa-preneurs to large global beauty corporations.

Toshiana has also created the Network of Multi-Cultural Spa and Wellness Professionals (NMSWP), which is the preeminent professional platform dedicated to the promotion, uplift & support of underrepresented spa & wellness professionals across all disciplines, to create a community of professionals with access to resources, education & opportunities. Through this pioneering network, Toshiana envisions a community that is better equipped & supported in furthering the mission of being well & whole while fostering global healing and wellness.

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