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Fearless Beauties are determined women of all ethnicities who are joined by the sisterhood that comes from being a skin care professional. We recognize that beauty comes in all colors, and we are going to change the mindset of the culture in esthetic education to become more inclusive in providing training on how to treat skin of color.  

Our goal is to connect with industry leaders, educators, and influencers all over the country to heighten awareness on skin care treatment guidelines, products, and treatments that effectively and safely treat multi-ethnic skin. We want to bring resources and strategies for success when we tour your city. 

Our team is a passionate, diverse group who have joined forces for good, to make a difference in our world. We bring inclusivity, we inspire confidence, and we increase awareness.




To change the esthetic education in our country by developing curriculums that are inclusive of all ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds. 


Elevate Entrepreneurs

To highlight entrepreneurs of color on social media and at events, to increase their visibility, and share their insight into success in the aesthetic industry.  



To become an influencer so that our online presence moves the needle toward Equality. 


We've encountered many diverse experiences and products and want to know how YOU are making an impact in this industry. Tell us how you are treating skin of color with confidence so that we can support by sharing it with the world. 


Mary Nielsen

Mary is the originator and creative thinker behind Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute, Cascade Aesthetic Alliance, Skintelligent Resources, and Fearless Beauties.


She is the author of several books on esthetics, including the Compendium for Advanced Aesthetics and the newest edition of the Milady Esthetics Textbook, released in Spring 2019.

Find her on Instagram @your.esty.godmother

Contact her at

Jessie Rayo | Experience Coordinator

Jessie Rayo, the project manager at Rational, an international marketing and media firm has given her  expertise in social media and viral marketing, as well as her passion and vision for bringing Fearless Beauty to the esthetic community, make her an invaluable part of the team.


As the experience coordinator, she is tasked with building the Fearless Beauties brand, event coordination, and social media. She will work with influencers prior to events, and highlight entrepreneurs of color in the esthetics industry to build inclusivity and equality. 


Over her 14-year career, Rayo has held positions at Apple and Microsoft. 


Beatrice Van | Clinical Director

Beatrice is a licensed esthetician, brand representative, licensed esthetics instructor, and contributing author to the book, "The Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics, Vol 2."


Beatrice will be one of our presenters educating on Asian American skin care. She will also join us at the Face and Body Expo Conference in Atlanta and Chicago. 


Beatrice was recently awarded Best Esthetic Instructor 2019 by Dermascope magazine.

Bea recently launched her skincare line, GLOW by Bea. We are proud to promote this natural, cruelty-free, caffeine based skincare that is safe for ALL skin types. 

Contact her at

Megan Rayo | Media

Megan studied film production in Los Angeles and began her career at E! Entertainment. After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2012, she started Lightning Creative with small businesses in mind and found a niche working with estheticians. In 2019, she started Electric Beauty, a digital media agency for beauty professionals. She believes cameras are capable of telling the most compelling stories and is honored to be the official media partner for Fearless Beauties.

Contact her at

Taylor Phillip | Social Media Coordinator and Administrative Assistant

Taylor completed her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and while working on her Master's, she supports Fearless Beauties' social media and  behind the scenes logistics. She is firmly committed to the Fearless Beauties' mission of inclusivity and inspiration. 

Taylor is also the co-host for our Fearless Beauties' podcast and has a YouTube channel dedicated to single moms, lifestyle, cleaning and everything in between.  

Contact her at 

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